Meet the analysis team: Karen Brandt

Karen Brandt

Our analysis and insights team create the bespoke reports and coverage summaries that are at the very core of the media intelligence Cision provides.

The team are absolute reporting experts and combine their knowledge of the media landscape with their love of data, and they’re on the lookout for some new members to join them.

We’re currently recruiting for some new roles, namely data analysts and research analysts. We talk to Karen Brandt, one of our research analysts, to discuss what she gets up to on a daily basis.

Tell me about your current role?
I am a research analyst in the Analysis department, and I’ve been with the organisation for eight months. Essentially, we look at patterns and trends in data and then write reports for our clients – who can be anyone from FTSE 100 businesses to charities to retailers.

Once we create a report, it is then distributed to our client to gives them insight into their coverage within mainstream and social media, and we offer them intel, on ways to understand how they can improve their media presence.

How did your background lead you here?
I am currently on a placement here, as part of my integral placement year whilst I’m studying Economics at The University of Sussex. I decided to come to Cision on my placement because I was really interested in the media industry and had pretty good knowledge into drawing patterns and trends from data.

I have exactly the same roles and responsibilities as my non-student other colleagues which makes me feel really integrated into the team.

What do you like most about working for us?
My favourite part of the job is how dynamic it is. Every day is different and we get to work on different accounts that are totally varied from each other and are in different sectors.

Describe a typical day as a data analyst / research analyst?
A typical day includes getting into the office at around 9am and sifting through emails to make sure that I am up-to-date with clients and meetings. Then, using our internal database tools, I gather data and look at key patterns and trends to start writing a report for a client which can take anywhere from two to six hours to complete.

I go for lunch with the team somewhere in  Canary Wharf, which is a great place to work because there is so much food choices, the team and I might have a project to to work on, and then we generally all leave the office by 5:30pm.

How would you describe the work environment?
Very collaborative and fast-paced! Everyone is willing to help each other and our teams get along really well. Cision have people working from all ages and all walks of life making it a super-vibrant and dynamic environment.

The team always go out socialising too – and there are many social events that the company organise to encourage integration and collaboration. Also, ever-so-often we get treated to free breakfast and free drinks on a Friday which is always a bonus!

Which skills have you developed while progressing here?
Being a research analyst has developed my skills immensely. I have become better at time management and improved on my organisational, communication and analytical skills. I have become really good  at using Microsoft office packages including Excel, and I have gained great knowledge into the media and journalism industry.

In addition, working on several client research reports has development my quantitative and qualitative skills and I am able to now draw on unique insights that would be valuable to the client and stakeholders of key companies.

Name three things you think it takes to succeed at our organisation?
Determination, team work, positive attitude

What Cision value does the analysis team demonstrate?
As cliché as this sounds, I think the analysis team demonstrate all the Cision values but if I had to choose one, I would say ‘We Are One’. This value is truly a representation of how the analysis team operate. For each client there is a dedicated team behind it and we all work together to create the perfect report. Data analysts, research analysts and client insight managers often work and communicate together and working at Cision is a place where collaboration and team work is encouraged.

If you’d like to join Karen, have a look at the job roles in more depth and apply today.

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