What effective PR looks like for SEO

By Jane Cronin, Content Manager, and Maria Bain, Outreach Executive, at Jellyfish. Best practice SEO now incorporates aspects of PR, content and influencer marketing, far removed from some of the tactics used in the past. Wholesale link building has given way to more holistic outreach strategies that blur the lines between PR, SEO and social […]

The Olympics 2016: Twitter analysis

The Olympic Games 2016 have sparked conversation on Twitter around the globe as users take to the channel to cheer on their teams – or simply to weigh in on the #greenpool debacle. We analysed the UK’s response to RIO 2016 on Twitter and highlight some of they key findings below. All data was sourced using Gorkana’s Social […]

Top tips for how to PR a music festival

By Sophie Raine, Director at W Communications With Glastonbury Festival kicking off this week, music lovers across the UK are preparing themselves for yet another season of muddy fields, loud music and sing-a-longs. But ‘Festival PR’ isn’t about just showbiz and music coverage, far from it. The way we at W approach our festivals is […]

April Fool’s Day – don’t trust anything you read…

Don’t trust anyone today. Don’t trust your neighbour. Don’t trust the news. Expect your yearly lot of pranks, jokes and hoaxes. For today is April Fool’s Day. It is uncertain how April Fool’ Day originated. What is sure is that it’s become a huge opportunity for brands and celebrities to have the world talk about […]

The road to the EU referendum

The heat has been turned up and the campaign has finally kicked off for the June 23 EU referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union. To map the media buzz surrounding the discussion, we’re launching a special series of infographics on the topic. The data presented in the upcoming posts will feature […]

Is it time for PR agencies to go native?

By Dale Lovell, Chief Digital Officer at Adyoulike UK Native advertising, if you don’t already know, is the current big thing in digital advertising. Rather than the banners, boxes and pop-ups that we’ve all learned to ignore, native ads appear in-feed and match the editorial style of the website, although they’re labelled as ‘sponsored by’ or […]