This webinar will help you to identify solutions to your daily, most pressing pain points across your communications workflow and will show you how to connect with the right influencers that impact your audience.

You will be shown how to:
Sort by variables relevant to you, such as outlet name, audience reach, UVPM, or influencer rank, all from the results page, ensuring the most impactful influencers are contacted first, and eliminate the struggle of multiple- interface monitoring, inefficient sorting and irrelevant news coverage.

View social posts from a single interface, sort by variables relevant to you and identify the news coverage generating the best results.

Quickly and easily share campaign results with key stakeholders: Build charts relating to your most important metrics, make notes and customise and securely share reports for your executive meetings.

Start to understand and demonstrate earned media influence on bottom-line ROI.

Understand which pieces of earned media are driving traffic and revenue thanks to integrations with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, and build advanced charts with the help of the user-friendly dashboard interface.