Slimming World’s Jenny Caven outlined a simple framework its PR team used to optimise its AMEC award-winning ‘Dream Weight’ campaign in this Cision webinar.

With help from Paul Hender, Cision’s head of insight for EMEA, she outlined a simple measurement framework with the potential to enhance the performance of any earned media initiative.

In just six weeks, Slimming World used it to increase its audience reach by 25%, generate 11,000 web sessions – and prove that its earned media coverage was directly driving new signups.

“Coverage reached 66% of the UK adult population,” she said. “So we don’t know where you were if you weren’t hearing about Slimming World in January!”

“The framework was a really fantastic resource for us,” she continued. “And [so was] working with Cision to use all of that media monitoring – all the coverage that we were generating – and really understand what impact it was making.”

Hender added: “Money follows measurability. If you can use data to prove efficiency, you can make the business case for more investment [in earned media].”

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