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We’re proud of the investment we continuously make to our platform, based on what PR and comms professionals need to work more efficiently and effectively. Here are just some of the improvements we’ve made as a result of our clients’ feedback:

  • Social Streams: Connect and interact with your audience in a more meaningful way using the Streams feature, allowing you to target, monitor and connect with the influencers that matter most via social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Self-Service Monitoring: Streamline the monitoring process with the ability to build, edit, and delete your own keyword searches, while simultaneously using Cision’s support teams for more specialised projects, allowing you to quickly analyse relevant online content and respond to the rapidly changing news environment in real time.
  • Unrivalled Search Functionality: Go beyond the traditional search options and identify influencers based on their audience’s interests and geography. The new ‘Talking About’ feature identifies influencers based on the topics they are discussing the most.
  • Trending Influencers: Identify the top 500 contacts influential in any topic, enabling you to target those that can deliver your message most effectively, while ensuring maximum impact and engagement.
  • Shareable Analytics Dashboards: Create and share bespoke analytics dashboards that update in real time as your campaign progresses, saving time for you and your stakeholders when communicating results.
  • Newly Designed Analytics: Move away from vanity metrics and prove your success with new analytics features such as Company Share of Voice, Prominence & Impact, Reach, Tone and many more easy-to-use charts and measures.
  • My Campaigns: Manage your entire communications workflow from managing influencer relationships and distributing press releases and social campaigns, to attributing value for your earned media coverage with integrated Google and Adobe analytics tools.
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