Were you fooled?

PRs were busy this morning peddling the annual batch of April Fools’ Day stories..

Tesco is planning to revolutionise shopping with the introduction of trampoline-inspired bouncy aisles to help customers reach the top shelves more easily.

Lucy Mecklenburgh, former TOWIE star and contestant on BBC gymnastics programme Tumble has worked with the supermarket to help develop and quality test the bouncy aisles. She is also providing trampoline training to Tesco colleagues.

Meanwhile, One Green Bean has been briefed to promote ‘Costa and a Kip’, a new 15-minute snooze service being offered by Costa.

Specially imported, Japanese-inspired Ostrich Pillows will turn tables into relaxation zones. Customers will be able to place their coffee order and let staff know what time to wake them, before being gently nudged back into consciousness by a Costa Barista with their drink.

UK festival guide Skiddle is planning to offer festival revellers custom-designed wellies which will be created using 3D printers in less than 30 minutes. It says it will be able to produce up to 10,000 pairs of free wellies throughout this year’s festival season.

Fourth Day PR has recruited four carrier pigeons, called Philip, Gertrude, Tony and Felicity, to ensure media materials can still be delivered to journalists in the event of an internet blackout caused by a cyber attack.

The agency says research from PwC showed that the number of detected information security incidents has risen 66% year on year since 2009.

Elsewhere, Beefeater has rebranded to Leafeater to become the biggest vegan restaurant chain in the UK; Homebase launched rainbow paint; Marmite unveiled Marmite Clear; Virgin Trains is creating the world’s first on-board gym; and Groupon is offering cars driven by cats.
And finally, the Guardian announced that Jeremy Clarkson has joined a host of other celebrities backing the paper’s campaign for fossil fuel divestment.

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