MSLGROUP consultancies CNC and JKL combine operations

MSLGROUP’s CNC and JKL are set to combine operations as they look to better service global clients on business critical issues, transformation and the protection of reputation.

Bernard Meising and Maria Grimberg

CNC and JKL will have a combined global team of around 200 people and 13 offices in nine countries.

The organisation will operate under a single global P&L and JKL partners Per Ola Bosson, Maria Grimberg and Anders Lindberg will join CNC’s global partner group, reporting into CNC CEO Bernhard Meising.

Meising said: “JKL is an organisation that we have long admired and enjoyed working alongside for many years and in particular since our acquisition by Publicis Groupe. We focus on the same area of business-critical communications and, through the addition of JKL to our team, we will be able to offer our clients broader access to exceptional talent and greater geographical reach.”

Grimberg said: “There is a strong cultural fit between CNC and JKL and a good track record of working together to solve our clients’ business challenges. Together, we offer a more global platform that combines deep experience with innovative and digital communication solutions. We strongly believe that this new platform will be compelling to clients as well as to the top talents that we want to continue to attract.”