Meet the Journalist: TI Media's Lucy Gornall

Meet the Journalist: TI Media’s Lucy Gornall

Lucy Gornall, health and fitness editor of TI Media’s weekly magazines, reveals how she is able to manage content across multiple publications, how she likes to work with PRs and combining work with her role as a personal trainer.

You are health and fitness editor across TI Media’s weekly publications, what does that entail?

I live and breathe health and fitness – luckily! I manage all the health/fitness content for Now, Woman, Woman’s Own, Woman’s Weekly, Chat, Pick Me Up and Fit&Well.

Describe a typical day in your role.

I think I spend half my day emailing, so that’s an ongoing thing. I am super-productive first thing so I get in and do all the important bits first such as urgent proofs, sorting out book exclusives, editing copy and usually some sort of planning meeting.

The rest of the day is constant proof checking/editing copy (there’s a LOT of health pages going through!), and writing. I got into journalism initially because I love to write and I never want that to stop so I always make sure I have articles and pieces to write myself.

I also spend time liaising with the advertising team to make sure advertorials are correct, as well as working with brands on new releases and products. Oh and then there are our lovely health experts who I commission on a weekly basis, they submit copy to answer our readers’ burning questions!

What type of health and fitness content works best for your portfolio of magazines and digital outlets? Is there anything that doesn’t work?

SUCH a range as our readership goes from twenties right up to eighties so to be honest, most stuff will work as long as it’s health/fitness related. Seasonal is great and anything that ties in with national days/months is also useful, as is any info relating to a news story or shock new statistic.

How important is social media for the content you produce?

I don’t work on digital as much, but for me personally social media is key. It promotes yourself and allows people to realise your true hobbies and passions – in my case, anything health/fitness related!

The Fit&Well Facebook page is great for promoting the magazine and it’s also a brilliant platform to communicate with readers.

What’s your relationship like with PRs? How can they best work with you?

I love working with PRs and I am a strong believer that contacts are key! Email is always best – sorry, but my office phone isn’t even plugged in! I love hearing about new products/launches/events/statistics and there’s such a broad content scope in my mags.

Finally, you’re also a qualified personal trainer, are there any similarities between personal training and journalism?

Hmm well, they both involve a lot of communication. You have to be positive – no-one will want to be around anyone who always brings a dampener to the situation.

Journalism involves lots of meetings and chats and you need to be social and upbeat. Luckily, I get to use my personal trainer knowledge in writing plans and workouts for several of our magazines so that’s great!

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