A self-service, cost-effective micro-survey solution that allows users to create and conduct short surveys and receive results within minutes.

Pay as you go

Traditional market research is generally expensive to conduct and and difficult to set up, but our self-service platform makes it easy to target a potential 4.5 million UK respondents to deliver results within minutes.

The cost starts at just £1 per respondent for five questions, so it's cost-effective and the perfect platform to gauge public opinion or track KPIs in real time.

Market research that is on-demand

We understand that you need results quickly, so signing up for our service is free and our platform is available 24/7.

The survey design wizard guides you throughout the process, and in five easy steps, your survey will soon be up and running.

The survey you run is checked by our team of micro-survey experts to make sure that they meet market research best practice.

Understand your audience

Market research is only effective when it asks the right people the right questions - so use Gorkana Surveys to target people by age, geography, gender, income groups and a host of other socio-demographic groups.

Our in-built reporting tools let you draw insights from the survey immediately after it has started and all the data is exportable and shareable.

We are market research experts

At Gorkana, our market research experts can help you with your market research programmes and how to understand the results.

Whether you need help coming up with ideas for story angles, monitoring a crisis, measuring brand perception or integrating market research into your media analysis, we will assist you in every step of the process.

You can also consult with us about market research best practice and the best ways to present data in press releases.