Managing a company’s global reputation is a huge challenge. Ensure you are monitoring your impact worldwide (across all markets).

Trusted network of global partners

With Gorkana’s valued and long-standing international partnerships there is no need to negotiate with multiple suppliers.

We secure great rates that we can pass on to you and ensure that your global campaigns are only managed by quality, trusted partners.

International coverage direct to your online portal

Access your global coverage through our online portal, where it can be a standalone service or part of a multimedia monitoring campaign.

You can easily manage all of your coverage in one place as well consistently analyse and report your brand’s impact across local and international markets.

Globally copyright compliant

We pride ourselves on being completely copyright compliant across the globe and knowing exactly what content we can provide.

We work with a global network of thoroughly vetted international partners, all of whom are members of FIBEP, to ensure we can bring you fast, accurate and compliant coverage from over 100 countries.