Mario Di Stasi, Controcampus
Meet the Journalist: Mario Di Stasi, Controcampus
Mario Di Stasi, managing director of Controcampus, talks to Cision’s Mario Cipriano about the magazine’s evolution from university title to an Italian national [...]
Antonella Cattaneo
Meet the Journalist: Antonella Cattaneo, Automazione Oggi
Antonella Cattaneo, executive editor of the Italian magazines Automazione Oggi, Efficiency & Environment and Fieldbus & Networks talks to Cision’s Mario Cipriano about [...]
Meet the Journalist: Valérie Dana, Revista LVR
Meet the Journalist: Valérie Dana, Revista LVR
Valérie Dana, editorial director at Revista LVR, talks to Cision’s Mario Cipriano about the lifestyle title’s audience of female cancer patients, its rebrand and [...]
Alessandro Rossi, Forbes
Meet the Journalist: Alessandro Rossi, Forbes (Italy)
Alessandro Rossi, editorial director at Forbes (Italy), talks to  Cision’s  Mario Cipriano about its plans for launching an Italian language edition in print and online next [...]
Gorkana meets… Giuseppe De Bellis
Giuseppe De Bellis is editor-in-chief of GQ Italia. He talks to  Mario Cipriano about his career in Brussels and his view of modern journalism. Before your current role as [...]
Gorkana meets Carlos Carnicero Urabayen
Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, is European correspondent and political analyst for a range of Spanish newspapers and publications, including El País, El Periódico de Catalunya and [...]
Gorkana meets… Marco Cobianchi
Marco Cobianchi, founder and editorial lead at online platform #Truenumbers and contributor to Panorama, talks to Gorkana’s Mario Cipriano. You launched #Truenumbers nearly [...]
Gorkana meets… Vicente Sánchez Caro of Diez Minutos and Qué Me Dices
As editorial director and editor-in-chief of Diez Minutos and Qué Me Dices (QMD), how do you organise your work with both titles? The magazines share an editorial team and it [...]
Gorkana meets … Alfred Monterie, freelance tech journalist and former De Telegraaf reporter
You worked for De Telegraaf from 1978 until 2016. How has working for a newspaper changed? And how different is reporting about technology? Back in the day the Dutch newspaper [...]
Gorkana meets… editor Leon Brandsema
Tell us more about the launch of and the merger with the Dutch business and finance platform How did this come about? is a collaboration [...]
Gorkana meets… Formule1’s joint-editor-in-chief, André Venema
Tell us about how you started in sports journalism. As a teenager, I always loved to hang out in sports halls and at squares. Apart from school obligations, I spent most of my [...]
Gorkana meets…Klaus Fiala and Forbes Austria
Tell us about your role and remit at Forbes Austria. I am a reporter covering business and finance, specifically for the investment section of our monthly print issue, where [...]
Gorkana meets…Jean Comte and the Société Générale de Presse (SGP)
Tell us a bit about your role of EU Correspondent for the Société Générale de Presse (SGP). My job is mainly to follow the progress of legislative issues between the European [...]
Gorkana meets…Jelle Maasbach and BNR Nieuwsradio
You studied media, information and communications at university and wrote your dissertation on economic infographics. How, and why, did you decide to specialise in financial [...]
Gorkana Meets…Gilles Marchand and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)
Firstly, could you please sum up your career so far, as well as what keeps you busy professionally at the moment? Originally educated as a sociologist at University of Geneva, [...]
Gorkana Meets…Benjiamin Albertalli, auto journalist
You are an automotive journalist, writing for a variety of publications, and one of the youngest reporters who specialises in the automotive sector. Can you tell us a bit [...]
Gorkana meets…Justine Marcella, Vorsten and The Crown
You covered many topics as a journalist before becoming a royalty reporter. How and why did you decide to specialise in royalty? When I was a reporter for the Dutch TV channel [...]