PRCA, ICCO and AMEC launch group for testing the Integrated Evaluation Framework

The PRCA, ICCO and AMEC are setting up a global working group to provide feedback on AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework which was launched at the London AMEC summit on 16 June.

Together the three organisations will implement controlled testing of the new framework by providing valuable user stories and practical testing.

Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General & ICCO Chief Executive, said: “The PRCA and ICCO are utterly committed to supporting the new framework from AMEC, which represents a huge step forward in PR measurement education and best practice. As part of that commitment, we will engage our global network of PR professionals in the process of getting under its skin and applying its guidance to real life experience.”

Richard Bagnall (pictured), CEO of Prime Research UK and leader of the AMEC group which developed the Framework, added: “The new framework details a comprehensive best-practice approach to planning and evaluation for today’s PR professional. It emphasises the importance of linking organisational objectives to communication objectives, and measuring not just in terms of media outputs but organisational outcomes and impact too.”

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